TANEZUMAB – A therapy which provide relief pateints from chronic lower back pain

A new research shows that a monoclonal antibody , tanezumab that inhibit the nerve acctivity,  gives comfort to patients who are suffering from chronic low back pain.

Tanezumab is the first  research ever that gives the sign of giving the long asting relief from chronic low bqack pain. Once every two months a single dose of tanezumab can be delivered under the skin. The study was conducted across 8 countries in North america, Europe,and Asia with 191 sites.

Many researchers are continuesly doing research adn found that the nervous system pain is increasing by certain protiens which circulates in the bloodstream and makes the cells more sensitive which cause pain in Nervous system. NGF ( nerve growth factor) is a protien which can explain that why some patiens suffers from severe and chronic back pain. And it is found that Tanezumab resist this NFG.

Those patients were excluded from this study, who shows the certain symtoms and type of x-ray proof of moderate to severe osteoarthritis. Patients having  chronic lower back pain were enrolled for this research. This study enrolled those patients who are suffering from low backnpain and didn’t get any relief and comes under the category “difficult to treat”.

Tanezumab has not been related with the frequently genuine unfavorable symptoms seen with narcotics or nonsteroidal mitigating drugs (NSAIDs), which are regularly used to treat low back torment. In any case, this class of medications has been connected to joint issues, which are now and again genuine enough to require joint substitution. In light of this worry, the specialists followed members for an all-inclusive period and decided there was a low pace of genuine joint issues requiring joint substitution.